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A Walk for the Future

Once again, students at Charlotte Central School in Charlotte, Vermont, USA, have committed to helping their friends in Uganda.  A long-standing tradition of the 5th and 6th grade Alpha Team is to end the school year raising money for the education of children in Uganda that they have connected with via Skype over the school year.  The Charlotte students get family and friends to sponsor them and then they commit to walking or running together as a team.

Charlotte Central Alpha Team Future Walk

The “Future Walk” is meant to symbolize the challenges students in Uganda have as they walk long distances to school each day.  Young students attending primary school often have to walk two hours each day in the dark to and from school.  This can be additionally challenging during the rainy season when roads wash out.  The Ugandan children are literally walking each day to attend school so they will have a better future.

The $1744. raised by the Alpha Team students this year will help pay for school fees to sponsor more Ugandan children so they can attend primary school.  Throughout the school year the Alpha Team students learn about Ugandan culture through Skype visits with the students in rural Uganda.  Children on both continents get to experience a little bit of each other’s lives.  

The students participate in several projects throughout the year to be “change-makers” and the teachers emphasize that it is everyone’s efforts together that make a big difference.  The Alpha Team students also get to see the ongoing results of their fundraising efforts by staying connected year after year to the Ugandan students.  If you would like info on hosting a “Future Walk” at your school contact