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Take a Service Trip to Uganda

Annie on her service trip

Life changing! That is how each and every one of our volunteers have described their service trips to Uganda.  Once or twice a year, a small group leaves the comfort of what they know, and ventures halfway around the world to support the programs of the Children’s Legacy Partnership, and our partnering organizations, the 52 Kids Foundation, and KAPIDA, in Kamuli, Uganda.

         Visiting our Women’s Group

I think what makes travel with our organizations unique are the deep connections we have developed with our Ugandan partners and friends over many years.  Each time we return there is a feeling of coming home and we are welcomed with open arms.  These connections allow our visitors to really experience Ugandan culture on a deep level.

The trip from the eastern U.S. takes 15 hours and involves at least one stop.  After gliding over Lake Victoria you land at Entebbe Airport.  The next part of the journey involves wrangling the many bags of supplies we bring for the kids and schools as we pack the van and head into the capital city of Kampala.  After a stop to change money to shillings, we’re on our way northeast to Kamuli District where we spend most of our time.

One of the first activities after getting settled at Cibiet Guest House, is a lesson on Ugandan culture and language from Prossy. You’ll learn a few key words and phrases that will be useful and are much appreciated by the locals.  You’ll stop by the 52 Kids dormitory to meet some of the kids, and Julie, the dorm mother.  

Getting School Supplies Ready

One of our guiding principles is that we work with communities from the inside out and our activities are carried out under the guidance of our local partners and community activists. Frank and Kaiso will make arrange experiences that will ensure your trip is memorable.  You’ll experience local culture and food, and travel out to the neighboring villages. You’ll get to visit schools and can even teach an English lesson if you’d like.  

Service activities might include building a fuel efficient stove, planting trees, renovating a school, collecting water and firewood, and building plate stands to help with sanitation.  Some activities can be tailored to a visitor’s interest and expertise.  You will get to see first hand the impact of your fundraising and service.  

 If this has sparked an interest and you’d like to find out more, you can contact me on our website,, and put trip info in the subject line.  We have some documents that will give you many specific details.  You would be hard-pressed to find people more welcoming than Ugandans and the trip really is the experience of a lifetime!