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Looking Back and Looking Forward

We were so proud to have several new projects launched in 2018, as well as the continuation of existing programs. It is always amazing to see the difference we are able to make with the consistent support from our Legacy Leaders, and all of our donors.

Empower Youth Leadership Conferences

Once again we were able to provide leadership training to over 100 middle school students in Vermont. Empower Youth Leadership Conferences were held three times and funded in part by an Innovation Award from the NoVo Foundation, and a grant from the New England Federal Credit Union.  Students enjoyed participating in workshops where they learned communication skills, how to be money smart, set personal goals and created vision boards. They also participated in a Skype visit with our students in Uganda to discuss their hopes for changing the world. Another 100+ students will attend the conferences in 2019.

Community Development Group meets in Uganda

Much time was spent during our service trip to Uganda meeting with community leaders in Kamuli and discussing the strengths and challenges in the communities.  Identified strengths were the commitment to working together for the betterment of the children, as well as the desire for economic development opportunities. Challenges continue to be the poor conditions of the primary schools, food security, safe and sanitary living conditions, and access to clean water.  

As a result of our community meetings, we began training programs in

Community Training Meetings in Kamuli, Uganda

which interested members in three communities attended information sessions which taught skills on crop management and raising livestock.  These trainings will continue to expand throughout 2019.

The school renovation project began at Buwanume School in Kamuli through a partnership with 5th and 6th grade students at Charlotte Central School, in Charlotte, Vermont.  Students raised money through a “Future Walk” to get this project started. Structural improvements were made including replacing windows and doors, and reinforcing exterior walls.  This year we hope to continue some interior renovations to improve classrooms for better learning.

Our committed donors play a critical role in making a difference for the children we serve through our programs and we know they are so grateful for the support.  We hope to continue to increase our donor base for 2019 to have an even greater impact.

                  Give with joy and be part of the Legacy!