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Empowering Youth 2017 Conference

Our second Empowering Youth Leadership Conference was a big success this spring.  Twenty middle school students participated in the day-long event which included several activities to help develop personal leadership skills. We kicked off the day with setting our group norms and then brainstormed how we would change the world.  This activity led to our…

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They Love School in Buwaname

Your support is helping make our partnership with the Buwaname Primary School a reality!  A few months ago we were able to send some school supplies to this school in rural Uganda.  The teachers at Charlotte Central School in Vermont, donated flash cards, number and letter cards, chalk, pens, and pencils.  The looks of joy…

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From Muno Mukabi to Muno Mu Bulungi

The power of people working together in support of each other has never been more evident than what we came across in Buzibirira, a rural village in central Uganda. On one of our visits to check on the welfare and families of the children we have helped support, we found a group of women sitting…

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