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Our Story

A life changing moment.

If you’ve ever had one of these, you are very fortunate.  It was actually two life changing moments that led to the founding of the Children’s Legacy Partnership.  The first of these moments was when I decided to change careers and become a teacher.

The next life changing moment came several years later when I traveled to Uganda to volunteer with a colleague  and some high school students.  At every turn there were sights that were unbelievable in terms of poverty. Yet equally unbelievable was the spirit, ingenuity, resilience, and kindness of the Ugandan people in spite of the challenges they face.


Connecting Cultures

We now have a model program in which we provide support for children that outperforms the national statistics in terms of school completion, health and well-being, and careers that are self-supporting.  One of the strengths of our model is that we connect students in the United States to children in Uganda, and that has been life-changing for the kids on both continents.

Another strength of our model is working in communities from the inside out.  The local leaders in a community are best poised to know what is needed and effect change.  It is this partnership which our success is founded upon.

We know that in working with at-risk and vulnerable children many needs arise beyond academic support. We are growing to provide a holistic approach for those we serve in the U.S. and in developing countries. We invite you to join us in providing those life-changing moments for others!


Uganda, a country in distress.

Uganda is a country that has been devastated by disease, especially HIV and AIDS, leaving not hundreds, not thousands, but more than a million children without parents.  We had the opportunity to help support a small group of children with academic, and emotional support.  After that first trip several years ago, I knew I would have to return.


Contribute to these efforts today!

We invite you to join us to serve the people of Uganda

Our Purpose

We find those bright spots, people who have the desire to make a change but just need someone to support them with the belief it’s possible, and the resources to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to go.

Once an area of need has been identified that is in keeping with our mission and vision, and is not serviced by other agencies, we follow our proprietary 7-step EMPOWER process to ensure project success.

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