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Youth Leadership


Just one positive connection to a caring adult has been shown to make a difference in the success of a child.

Through our Empower Youth Leadership Conferences and programs we provide that connection. Participants come together and learn skills such as goal setting, communication, financial literacy, how to make healthy choices, and build self-esteem.  Interactive workshops foster connections between youth and adults. These workshops are places to not only get information but to practice success skills.

A unique component of our Youth Programs are inspiring participants to be global citizens and take action for change in the world.  We connect youth in the U.S. with the youth in our Uganda programs.  Participants across countries and cultures discuss their vision for a better future and set in motion plans for change.

Many participants then go on to become peer mentors, supporting our guiding principle of “paying it forward.”  In this way we are able to increase the number of adolescents that the Foundation impacts.

Middle school age youth are particularly vulnerable during a time when they are trying to figure out who will influence them.  For the many children who are growing up in poverty there are additional risks.  Some of the effects associated with poverty that are seen in adolescence are:  more mental health problems, higher rates of grade failure, increased school dropout, and they are more likely to engage in delinquent behaviors.  Growing up in poverty is also associated with lower occupational status and lower wages, and poorer health (Child Trends, Children in Poverty, 2011).


Our vision is to create a better legacy for our children through our Youth Programs. We work closely with schools and communities and bring our workshops to areas of need.

If you would like to bring an Empower Youth Leadership Conference to your school or community, contact us.

Join us in Supporting Youth Leadership in the U.S.

Our Purpose

We find those bright spots, people who have the desire to make a change but just need someone to support them with the belief it’s possible, and the resources to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to go.

Once an area of need has been identified that is in keeping with our mission and vision, and is not serviced by other agencies, we follow our proprietary 7-step EMPOWER process to ensure project success.

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